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Just a couple of things you might not know about us. We do it all! Safely, professionally and cost efficiently. Also on staff we have licensed Pressure Welders, Fitters, refrigeration Mechanics, refrigeration Operators (Class B), and Mechanical Engineer, Plumbers and Steam Fitters.

Industrial Refrigeration
Install and service from start to finish, purchase all materials, valves, piping, vessels, equipment, pumps, compressors, etc.

Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Install and repair all according to manufacture CTSSA QA Contractor

Mechanical Demolition
Removing all type of equipment, tanks, pumps, piping, boilers, chillers, evaporators, rooftops, condensers, etc

Pneumatics System
Air headers, main expansion tanks, dump traps, lift station, drier, lubricators

Gas and Steam
Make any addition or demolition, modify pipe sizing, steam trap, replace boilers, rooftops, etc

Compressor service
Service and repair all make according to manufacture. In partnership with Mycom Canada to service

Welding Services
licensed Welders on staff to weld steel, stainless, cooper, aluminum, cast, PVC, CPVC, Polypro, etc

In Partnership
Engineering (Vadco Engineering), Electrical ( Waltec Electric), Control (Marjul Systems), Concrete work (Durham Concrete)



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